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Sunday, November 23, 2003

well, i leave for tuesday right after school to head down to georgia for a day, and then up to sc thursday - sunday.  thats too long for me to be away from brandon. but ill live.  it would be good for us anyways.  we'll have some amazing sex when i get back.  yay!

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Saturday, November 15, 2003

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Tuesday, November 11, 2003

So i made plans to go out to breakfast with some friends this morning, since we had today off for veterans day.  but then i put everything else off, and turned everyone else down so that i could spend the whole day with brandon.  well the brat couldnt seem to wake up. well here read the rest ...

SwimChic714 (8:34:13 PM): and then i put all the other plans off so i could spend the rest of the day with brandon and then go to practice
SwimChic714 (8:34:26 PM): but for whatever reason that brat couldnt wake up

D (8:35:01 PM): what a shame
D (8:35:12 PM): you should have went over to his house and made him get out of bed
SwimChic714 (8:36:07 PM): yea
SwimChic714 (8:36:13 PM): so i was really disappointed
DHolliday101 (8:36:45 PM): yeah i am sorry
SwimChic714 (8:37:13 PM): and like i called, and he was like whats wrong, you sound upset ... i was like yea im a little bumed
SwimChic714 (8:37:56 PM): i was like im going to take a nap before my practice, if your up ill talk to you when i get home
D (8:38:06 PM): yeah
SwimChic714 (8:38:10 PM): but then my cat got sick on my bed and i had no blanket
SwimChic714 (8:38:11 PM): so no nap
D (8:38:40 PM): aww poor girl
SwimChic714 (8:39:09 PM): so i was thinking and ya know im kind of mad, cause i wanted to see him today
SwimChic714 (8:39:22 PM): so i was like fine, ill see him this weekend
D (8:39:25 PM): yeah
SwimChic714 (8:40:03 PM): so i left a message on his cell saying something like, hope you dont have plans sunday afternoon cause youre hanging out with your girlfriend, hope thats not a problem
D (8:40:42 PM): lol awesome

Posted at 08:46 pm by Sparky
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Sunday, November 09, 2003
I like it HERE

Ive tried journals and blogs else where, but they always get so complicated somehow.  im kind of lazy sometimes, so ive decided i rather like it here. its simple and fun, and i dont have to remember all the silly html, my head just cant take it!

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WOW! Can you believe its November already!  its wierd actually, the days feel so long, and yet time is just flying by.  im so stoked to be a senior, finally.  all these years better be worth something.  as it comes closer to june though, i find that im actually getting really nervous.  i plan to go to south carolina for school next year, its a good 7 hour drive from here.  it seems much farther away than i thought before.  its starting to hit me that brandon wont be there. im gonna miss seeing him everyday and calling him at 6 am to make sure hes up for work.  i love that kid.  i dont know that i can be that far away from him for that long. 

Posted at 01:27 pm by Sparky
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